Make the perfect gluten free dessert at home with these fabulous recipes

Make the perfect gluten free dessert at home with these fabulous recipes

Savor the sweetness of desserts everyday even when you are on a diet with the help of these homemade desserts. Gluten free desserts are healthy alternatives and these books have fifty best recipes ever. We have reviewed the book once we have tried out the recipes for months at a stretch. If you love cakes and sweets then you will definitely love this particular book and its recipes.

The healthy gluten free dessert is one of the healthiest options that any sweet tooth can indulge in without adding those extra calories to them. When we think of cakes and pastries, fudges and brownies the thought process would surely divulge for once to gaining weight and the guilt of cheating on your diet program. However with these healthy gluten free desserts you can easily indulge in the sweetness without worrying that you will gain extreme weight from it.

gluten free dessert
gluten free dessert

After trying out some of the most unique dessert recipes that we could find in this particular book, we cannot help but feel biased towards it in terms of the delicacy that it offers and the health factors associated with the recipes. They can be tried out very easily and you can ensure beyond doubt that your guests and your family fall in love with your gf cake and ask for more from you every time.

Fat free dessert- what they claim?

When we think of dessert, fat free is a term that hardly comes to our mind, but for the first time, the guilt free desserts have composed some really unique recipes in the form of a book which claim to be healthy dessert alternatives. Not only that, they claim that these deserts will become a part of your diet program easily and that you can shed a lot of weight by actually indulging in this deserts.

The making of the book

Kelly herring is the author of the book we are reviewing. She has had a bright career as the CEO of healing gourmet, which claims to be the leading provider of organic , sustainable health meal plans. She has also been the editor in chief of the book series by McGraw-Hill. Here experience of ten years as the CEO of a leading gourmet company explains her expertise and hence reliability of the book she have authored.

What the kit contains?

The book has a total of 50 gluten free no sugar dessert, which you can easily indulge in without any guilt. These recipes are furnished with high quality images, which are easily distinguishable, and you can observe the minutest details possible in the images very easily. The book also has all kinds of information that you need for creating a new recipe on your own out of the traditional dessert recipes that you already know. The book is accompanied with free bonuses as well. The first free bonus is the appetizers recipe book, and then you also have a recipe book called the copycat Girl Scout cookies.

Why invest in this book?

The book is the cheap alternative that you have to employing a master chef for your home who can specially prepare sugar free summer desserts. If you enjoy cooking you can easily be sure that the recipes that you get here can be made at home without much trouble. All the recipes are unique and from our experience with them, we can guarantee that they are truly healthy as well as they are very tasty. Not only that, the book have provided very knowledgeable insights that will help you use the basic knowledge for preparing of the desserts which will help you with new innovations of the recipes.

A very self-sufficient book

As we read through the book, we have felt that it is very well presented and self-sufficient. For understanding the procedures explained in the book and the ingredients that are being mentioned here you do not have to grapple all over the Internet or at other sources. The book have complete explanation of al that you feel cannot be comprehended easily from the book itself. In short, it is rather well furnished for any person.


Though we found the hardcopy to be a more convenient option that EBooks and PDF, the opinions might vary regarding this particular topic. However there are several advantages of the hard copy and we cannot deny that we prefer to take the advantages of the hard copy than rely on the mechanical nature of the soft copy version.

Drawbacks of the recipes

Everything has a good and bad side of their own and the book by Kelly herring is no exception. One of the major drawback that we can site is its availability which can be a trouble since it is available only through the website of the author. Apart from that there is not drawback as such which we can possibly highlight. If you wish to buy the book which costs 17 dollars approximately, you can easily do so from the website. The payment modes are very secure and one can rest assured that as soon as they make the payment, the book would be sent out for delivery at the earliest and they can easily get the book within the delivery date.

Do we recommend?

After trying out the recipes that are provided in this book as well as in the free books provided along with it for a few months and following the diet programs meticulously, we have felt significant change in our weight and fitness. Hence we can say these desserts do not add to your fat consumption at all but slowly help you lose weight with time. However to ensure that you should maintain your diet and exercise regime as usual for some months to get the best results. The taste of the desserts made in the process described in this book is also very delicious which make it a success further. Hence we do recommend the desserts for you when you are on diet and feel an urge to indulge in sweets.

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